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Every user needs to install the application inorder to Post a Task or Perform a Task. The user just needs to set up their profile and get verified.
The users can post a task of which they want the work to be done. We are providing maximum number of categories The users can choose different categories in which they want the task to be done.
Task Broz is not restricting the user to post a limited number of Tasks. Task Broz is a platform where the user can find skilled or unskilled work.
You can wait till you get bids from Taskers.
You can choose a tasker based on their bidded amount and according to their profile ratings and reviews.
The user can post a minimum task from $10 to $10000
You need to provide when and where the task has to be completed. You need to describe the job which includes images, task description etc.
Your task will be displayed on global wall, where
Competitive tasks are time sensitive. The user can mark the taskers bid as competitive if he wants the task to be assigned in a certain time period.
After your task is posted, the user can verify their payment to attract more taskers. Your payment will be secured with Task Broz.
Bro points are just like bonus points, we offer depending on the tasks the user have finished on our platform. You can use them while posting a task to make payments. You just cannot withdraw them.
As you are the poster, after the job is done you will be asked to rate and review the tasker. You can do that based on the quality of the work they have provided. According to the ratings, the other users can choose the tasker.
Completion rate depends on the tasks that are performed by the tasker.
Yes you can. There is a chat option while assigning the task to a tasker. You can chat with the tasker and get into the details with him.
You will be able to chat with the tasker in the chat section. There will be a chat section name according to the Task.
Users can track or update the status of the task in the task status page. There every user will be updated according to the task.
The user will get notified from the tasker whenever the tasker or poster performs an action. (NEED TO PUT, WHO WILL GET WHAT NOTIFICATIONS).
Task Broz will not charge any money for posting a task. We will only charge our commission after the task is completed. We will charge from the bidded amount. We will not take any extra money from the poster.
Task Broz will charge a minimal service fee from the total task price for providing the taskers with jobs.

In task broz

Poster is a person who looks for getting a job done, may it be remotely/in person
Tasker is a person who performs the tasks for other persons within taskbroz community. They perform jobs on a contract basis holding independent accounts just like posters

Sign up

Click on the forgot password while logging in. Enter email address and request for otp. Enter otp sent to the respective email address and set your password.


Once the documents are submitted, our backend team will take a maximum upto 48 hours to approve them. Once the approval is done, the profile will be marked as verified. Until then, the status of the profile will be “ under review”.
You can post a task with getting the mobile verification done. But the bids/offers will not be visible to you if there are any. Also, any task cannot be assigned without complete profile verification.

Safety guidelines

Only if the user’s profile is verified by task broz it means the user is verified and trusted. Also, user’s profile can be understood based on the previous completion rate, user’s portfolio and other certifications
All the certifications and licenses of the users will be visible on the profile section which can be reviewed before assigning a job to a tasker.
You can contact taskbroz help center in case of any insecure or precarious actions done by the poster/tasker on the platform


Go to the help option that is available on the task card if the task is cancelled/completed/settled.

If a task is open

It takes 7 working days for our backend team to look into the issue and provide resolution.
All the issues raised by users on the platform will be communicated via provided emails
Users can raise the disputes using the help section which is available everywhere on the platform. Once the dispute is raised, it will be reviewed within 48 hours. Our backend team will get back to you with a detailed report of resolution within 7 business days. In case, the tasker/poster doesn't respond to the team during the process, the decision will be directly taken by the backend team and resolution will be sent to the user within 7 business days.
In case, the dispute is not resolved or any inconvenience with the decision, you can contact via email or mobile the task broz team directly. You can also reraise the existing dispute as many times until resolution is done.
Task broz doesn’t charge any amount during the dispute process. If the tasker/ poster demands extra charges, you can contact our backend team directly raising the point in the issue.


Users can add/delete/utilize multiple cards on the platform. However, one card will be made primary which can be changed at any point of time.
Bro points cannot be transferred or withdrawn to wallet or any bank account
Service fees on our platform are charged according to the amount of the job Service fee is deducted from the amount the tasker earns.







There will be a help option available everywhere on our platform. Users can raise any issue using the help option. Our backend team will be available all the time to help you. You can also email us at
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