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How TaskBroz works?

What Makes our App Different?

Low service charge. We levey a service charge upto 15%.

Immediate despoits and refunds.

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It's easy. Simply post a job that you need to complete and receive competitive bids from broz within minutes..

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From handy man to software Developer, Now you know a guy for everything !

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With secure payments and thousands of professionals to choose from, Tasking a Broz is the simplest and safest way to get your work done.

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  • Post any task accross wide range of catagories, and start accepting bids from professionals.

  • Choose a bid, chat with the tasker and make the bid competitive to get a better deal.

  • Verify your task to attract more bids. Your transactions on the applications are secured by TaskBroz.

  • Track the progress & approve the payments when done, Our effecient Customer support is always ready to help.

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Multitask the way you like it !

Easily Manage your task with simple yet sophisticated dashboard

  • You can earn and spend, all in the same platform
  • Instantly get notified about the new task and latest updates.
  • You can live chat with the tasker to get constant updates on the progress of your work
  • Manage your portfolio which emphasises your skills and previous works

What makes our platform divergent?

We think no task is too small

We think no task is too small

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Our app is available for all devices

* Available on all Android devices

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At TaskBroz, our goal is to pioneer a better way of working, by helping freelancers and businesses find more flexibility by connecting work skills with opportunities.

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